Wooden houses made of rectangular logs


Log houses are built in one of the oldest technology of building. Houses built by our company owe their unique and timeless character to natural style of logs and modern architecture of workmanship.

Material from which we manufacture rectangular logs is dried spruce sawn timber. Logs in internal and external walls are combined after old carpenters tradition.

Rectangular logs are combined along with single joint pióro – wpust (for thick 28 and 34 cm), double joint ( for thick 45, 72 and 92). Triple joint is applied in log's thick: 120, 150, 220.

  Choice of appropriate technology of log home building is one of the most important decisions which will decide about look and character of a house.

Making a decision you have to think about visual and esthetic possibilities of finishing walls and elevations.

In case of log homes it's possible to leave walls in their natural form or decorate them for example by covering them with bricks, stone or plaster plates.

We build houses from rectangular logs with a thickness of:
28, 34, 45, 72, 92, 125, 150,und 220 mm.

In case of building houses made of rectangular logs with very big section (for example 22 cm) partition walls are usually made of thinner 92- or 120 milimetre-thick logs.

We use insulation gaskets put between logs. Additionaly we use wooden dyble to provide stiffness and regular work of logs. Walls are usually additionally insulated by 100- to 220-milimetre-thick thermal layer.

Combination of tight logs and thick insulation layer makes walls unusually warm. Phenomenon of water condensation practically doesn't occure. Additionally there is thermal bridges in log houses so they are very warm. At the same time relatively thin logs (for example 72 mm, 92 mm), from which is possible to built round-year houses, makes that houses aren't expensive.


An example of a timber log house wall construction