Wooden houses made of round logs.




Houses made of round logs indisputably have their unique character and they create a perfect room to be furnished in stylish, romantic and cozy way.    

Walls made of round logs are associated with warm and comfort.

Round logs diameter vary from 14 to 48 centimeters. 

We mostly use pine-tree and spruce, sometimes also larch and cedar.


Log attracts by its severe, wooden elevation, by precision of finishing quoins or varieties, unrepeated structure of material from which house is built. 

Most often walls are left as double-sided visible logs with diameter from 14 to 48 cm. It doesn't exclude possibility of insulation round logs walls from interior. 

Majority of summer houses are built from logs with 18- or 22-centimetre-diameter. For round-year houses made of round logs its 25 and 30 centimeters. 

Most often used material is pine-tree and spruce, sometimes larch and cedar. To assure tightness between logs we use different traditional kinds of jointing special for Slavic wooden architecture from medieval times.

For additional sealing we use different types of seals to install between logs.

Log home made form round logs assembly step by step