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Informations - Wooden houses construction

We offer wooden houses in four technologies:

- From rectangular logs with a thickness of 28, 34, 45, 72, 92, 125, 220mm.

-From round logs with a diameter 18, 22, 25 and 30 cm.

-Timber-framed houses

-Framwork houses (Canadian houses)

What kind of log wall you should choose?

Technology of log building is the same even if log shape is different.

domki z drewna domy z drewna domki drewniane DOMY Z DREWNA BUDOWNICTWO MIESZKALNE
Examples of wall construction made of different kinds of logs.

Basic differents concern texture of elevation and colour of wood. Precision of finishing is required in both cases. Wooden houses impress by their beauty. Material creates their uniqueness – every tree has a different wood.

In houses made of rectangular logs we use dried spruce sawn timber (moisture about 18%). Round logs we made from non-dried pine wood.

Wood is a natural product which has an irregular structure and gets specific facture during drying. It's aesthetically interesting but it's also possible to avoid it if client wishes that. In that case we use sized logs or thinner logs which have less cracks. Logs with thick 72 and 92 mm have a very few of them.

All construction elements are impregnated in ecological boron saline solution. This procedure guarantee basic home protection. After mounting we make long lasting impregnation with another chemicals.

How warm are Wako houses?

Dwellings built from 220 mm thick logs don't need additional thermal insulation.

Dwellings built from 72 and 92 mm need to be additionally insulated.Most often used cover of thermal insulation has 100 mm. We can enlarge this parameter n client's wish. For example we give coefficients for most often built walls:





K=0,76 K=1,14 K=1,38

150mm logs  + mineral wool 150mm + steam insulating foil 20mm 

92mm logs  + mineral wool 150mm + steam insulating foil  + spruce panel 20mm

72mm logs +mineral wool 150mm + steam insulating foil 20mm

 150mm logs +mineral wool 100mm + steam insulating foil 20mm

250mm thick spruce logs
150mm thick spruce logs
92mm thick spruce logs
72mm thick spruce logs  








Floor construction

Floor of a gound floor consists of 50x100m joists. This parameter lets put 100mm thermal insulation. 26mm-thick floor planks are in standard offer. In kitchens, halls and bathrooms a concrete pour is provided. It is thermal insulated with hard foamed polystyrene M-30 and finished with ceramic plates.

Ceiling are made of single or double logs. It can be visible or part of it can be covered with plaster plate or wooden panels. Floor planks are layed on ceiling. 

We made acoustic insulation in two ways:
- it's possible to ut minetal wool and insulation foil between loogs and also between logs lay wooden panels,leave part of ceiling visible.
- put foil PE, cover of hard mineral wool 50 mm and a chipboard on floor planks.
Further choice of finishing is an individual client's decision.

Roof construction

Roof construction with purlins and rafters make a possibility of using all kinds of roofing. The most often choice are tiles. 
Purlins, rafters, collar beams and windlades are planed, some parts are unseasoned made of second class sawn timber impregnated in boron saline solution. 

200 mm-thick mineral wool is placed between rafters with PE foil – steam insulation. In higher part of rafter we mount steam permeable roof foi, patches and roofing. Inside the house we mount 200 mm-thick wooden panels.

In case of big log homes we recommend special eaves, additional protection from rain, usually from 75 to 100 cm.




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